My story

JFeliz, born in Sosúa, Puerto Plata province, Dominican Republic, is a talented Latin urban music singer, composer and producer. From an early age, JFeliz showed interest in singing and dancing, becoming the promise of the urban genre in his neighborhood. Despite the difficulties and challenges that the pandemic imposed, JFeliz decided to take advantage of the time and start his musical career. Using social networks as a platform, he shared his music and showed the world his art and talent.

Over time, JFeliz has managed to create a loyal audience that enjoys his performances in rhythms such as Reggaeton, Trap and Dembow. His songs, charged with energy and contagious rhythm, have captured the attention of thousands of fans around the world. JFeliz's versatility is reflected in his music, as he is not afraid to experiment with different styles and fuse genres. This has allowed him to stand out in the music scene and earn the respect of his colleagues and fans.

In addition to his talent as a singer, JFeliz is also an accomplished songwriter and producer. He actively participates in the creation of his own songs, making sure to convey his emotions and experiences through his music. JFeliz's success has not gone unnoticed in the music industry. He has collaborated with renowned artists and producers, which has given him the opportunity to expand his reach and reach new audiences.

His dedication and passion for music has led him to achieve significant accomplishments in his career. With each new release, JFeliz demonstrates his artistic evolution and commitment to excellence. His music is a reflection of his identity and the experiences he has lived throughout his life.

"My talent I do not change it, nor sell it. I thank God for the talent I have".